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Silicon Valley High School Online Curriculum is a division of our company that provides online courses for adoption by schools across California and the United States. 

With more than 50 online courses covering subject areas such as Math, English, Arts, Science, Social Science and Electives, the Silicon Valley AlwaysOnline Curriculum can be adopted by your school and delivered to your students under a “private-label” arrangement where the whole online curriculum appears as an extension of your own school website, with your school logo, color scheme, look and feel.

Our Courses, Your Teachers

Like a textbook that you might adopt for your class, you can adopt courses from our curriculum of online courses. Schools that adopt our curriculum find that students tend to stick with the courses as they’re video-based, designed to operate totally online, and self-paced.  Click here to learn how our courses work

We Provide Grading Recommendations, Your Teachers Decide the Grades

When a student takes a quiz or a unit test, a practice final or a final, this is scored automatically by our learning management system. When the student submits an assignment, a score can be calculated by one of our graders who applies the relevant rubric to the assignment and essentially recommends a grade.  The grade earned by the student is ultimately set by your teacher.

Your Grades, Your Transcripts

When your school adopts our online curriculum, students are enrolled in your school and they are taking your classes with your teachers. Your school determines the grades and provides the transcripts.

Round-the-Clock Support

Our customer service team is available virtually around the clock to answer questions from your teachers as well as your students. Questions can be answered directly by our team when they relate to technical and administrative issues, but the questions can be relayed to credentialed teachers when they relate to the content of the course and questions regarding instruction can be relayed to your teachers.

The Foundation of a Blended Learning Platform for your School

Many people believe that the most effective educational methodologies of the future will combine online courses with traditional classroom instruction and tutoring. Our courses provide the curriculum and the gradebook.  Students can study at their own pace online, then meet with your teachers and other students to ask questions, discuss, debate and enhance their mastery of the materials. 

Monitor the Progress of your Students

Your teachers, counselors and nominated supervisors can be provided with access to the student’s online grade book to monitor progress.

Designed to Meet State Standards

All our courses are built to meet the relevant standards, and we show where each standard is met in the course materials. 

Certificate of Completion & Grade Book

Once the course has been completed by the student, we will provide the student and your school with a certificate of completion together with the gradebook, so your teachers can assign the final grade and your school can add this grade to your school’s transcript. 

For more information on how our courses can be adopted by your school, please visit our support page for educators

How does the Silicon Valley AlwaysOnline Curriculum help your students?

Every student is unique and different. They learn at different speeds. They like to study in different ways and at different times. Education can be personalized for your students through the AlwaysOnline Curriculum that is self-paced, video-based and teacher-supported.

When they study online at home, they’re able to focus on the materials without the distractions that come with traditional classrooms. Some students are early birds while others are night owls. When you free the student from the traditional school hours, you find they are studying at all times of day and night. Students are able to find the best time of day and customize a study schedule that’s most effective for them.

Students like to learn from videos today. No-one has yet invented a remote control for a teacher delivering a lecture, but they can stop, rewind and replay a video as many times as they need to master the materials. Many students today run the videos at accelerated speed—this is something they can’t do with a live lecture from a teacher. Videos can be more concise, more entertaining, and more educational than classroom lectures.

Students don’t have to wait until they’re in the classroom to get the answers they’re looking for. SVHS has customer service staff and teachers available online to answer questions as they come up.

Students will find that your teachers have more time for them, because your teachers are freed up to coach and make sure all students are getting the help they need.

Where some students are often left behind in the classroom, too shy to raise their hand, the SVHS online curriculum can level the playing field, making sure that all students have the time, attention and opportunity to develop higher order thinking skills and master the materials required for a course. So long as they have access to the Internet, this new model of learning provides equal educational opportunities for all students, regardless of their situation and geographical location.

How does the Silicon Valley AlwaysOnline Curriculum help your teachers?

With less lecturing, less grading and more two way interaction with students, adopting the SVHS online curriculum can transform and enhance the way your teachers teach.

Your teachers have more time to work one-on-one with students because they are freed from the following tasks:

  • Lectures—lectures are delivered through online videos often presented by experts and leaders in the field.
  • Teachers don’t spend their time delivering the same lectures over and over again.
  • Grading & marking—ultimately, grading is controlled by your teachers but quizzes and tests are automatically graded by the SVHS system, and SVHS has credentialed teachers who review assignments providing suggested grades for your teachers.
  • Answering student questions—SVHS has a 24/7 customer service team that responds to questions from students. They can quickly answer questions like “I forgot my password” and “how do I upload my assignment”. Then questions on the materials taught in the course are answered by SVHS teachers. Your own teachers are freed up to provide one-on-one help to each student individually.
  • Designing curriculum—the curriculum has already been designed by SVHS and mapped to the required standards, so your teachers are freed up from this time-consuming task.

With their time freed up, your teachers get to check in on struggling students and provide personalized coaching to each student in the class.

Your teachers can operate a “flipped classroom” if they wish, helping students with assignments and group projects during classroom time, while students study the materials online from home. The flipped classroom is already a little redundant in some school settings because teachers can provide one-to-one or one-to-many coaching online via video conferencing today.

You will find that your teachers are happier and more effective when their time is freed up and they are able to focus on helping students really learn and comprehend the materials.


How does the Silicon Valley AlwaysOnline Curriculum help your school?

The Internet has grown into the most valuable educational resource ever made available to schools, teachers and their students. Schools of all types are now looking to enhance the whole educational experience by blending online materials and capabilities with more traditional teaching methods. If you’re searching for the most effective and affordable online solution for your school or district, take a look at the Silicon Valley AlwaysOnline Curriculum. You’ll find that within a matter of days, your school can launch its own online platform and jump to the forefront of the online educational revolution.

Beyond improving the quality of education for your students, and freeing your teachers so they can provide personalized coaching to students on an individual basis, the SVHS AlwaysOnline Curriculum provides you with an online dashboard where you can track the progress of your students, your teachers and your school.

With your online dashboard, you can drill down and track each student’s activity at a granular level as well as at a high level. You can see how far they have progressed through each course, view all their assignments, test results and submissions and you can see where and when they log in online to study.


What are the costs?

There are no long-term contracts or commitments. The setup and customization (to install the curriculum as an extension of your school’s existing website) are free. Then the cost is $125 for each student enrolling on a single-semester course.

How Do I learn More?

Click “Contact Us” at the bottom of this page and you will be connected to one of our customer service operators who will refer you to a team member who will be able to follow up and help you.


Course Information

Price: Single Semester Course—$125
Course  Syllabus: Available for each course
Enroll Anytime: First, create an SVHS account & check with your school to see if they will accept our courses


 = Courses A-G approved.
 = NCAA approved.
University of California: As an accredited school, SVHS is recognized as an Online School by the University of California under the A-G Program
NCAA Approval: SVHS coursework meets National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) nontraditional core-course legislation,

University of California, A-G Approved Course List