Accredited High School Diploma Online - Silicon Valley High School


As an accredited high school, SVHS has the mandate to grant a high school diploma online to qualifying students. We take students transferring in from other schools, international students, and adult students looking to complete their high school diploma online.

Open to Everyone, Everywhere

Although your diploma will be granted from SVHS, an accredited Nevada high school, it’s not necessary for our students to live in Nevada, or ever have to visit Nevada.  Our courses are open to everyone, everywhere. You do not need to be a U.S. citizen in order to earn your high school diploma online from SVHS. You can register and earn a high school diploma online from anywhere in the world.

All Online—All the Time

Our courses are self-paced, and they’re available around the clock, so you can take courses with SVHS from any time zone, at any time of day (or night).

Affordable Tuition Fees

Full-time enrollment in the SVHS high school diploma program costs $1,800 per semester and covers up to 8 courses.  You’ll find that this is a remarkably low price. We achieved this by building an entirely new type of school and building it from the ground up with efficiency in mind.  Our objective when forming SVHS was to offer a better education at a fraction of the usual cost. 

The cost of earning your high school diploma from SVHS are as follows:

  • Registration Fee—$250.
  • Semester Tuition Fee—$1,800. Up to 8 courses.
  • Graduation Fee—$300.

There’s a Registration Fee of $250, which covers the cost of processing the application to join our diploma program, as well as reviewing student education and transcript history, then there’s the $1,800 per semester tuition fees (for each of the spring and fall semesters), and finally, the graduation fee is $300, which covers the cost of verifying that you have completed all the required courses and completing the graduation process. All our courses are supported by experienced, credentialed teachers who answer questions, grade assignments, and provide guidance and feedback online.

For the Chemistry course, you will need to buy a laboratory kit, which will be mailed to you by a third-party vendor. The cost will be around $230.

The total cost of earning your high school diploma depends on how quickly or slowly you complete your courses. If you complete the maximum of 8 courses a semester, then you will minimize the number of semesters you need, hence minimizing the cost.

Academic Advising

We provide credentialed, experienced academic advisers to help full-time students navigate through the program so they can meet all the requirements for graduation eligibility.

Incoming Credit Transfer Policy – SVHS will consider acceptance of credits earned from other accredited instructions. Students must submit official transcripts from previous schools upon registration. The SVHS team will evaluate the transcripts and apply credits where appropriate.

SVHS students may participate in concurrent enrollment with their local community college. Credits will be evaluated for transfer upon submission of official transcripts at the completion of a college course. Students taking concurrent enrollment courses will still need to follow the continuous enrollment policy and may take up to 2 college courses per semester.

Continuous Enrollment Policy/Requirement

For a student to remain continuously enrolled in the diploma program at SVHS, each semester, students must be enrolled in courses carrying a minimum of 20 credits (such as four 5-credit courses) and successfully complete at least fifteen credits (such as three 5-credit courses) every semester window (extension may be considered in the case of extenuating circumstances).

Students in the adult diploma program should work with the SVHS academic advising staff to create a plan for course completion. Adult students may enroll as a full-time student, paying a flat rate tuition with access to up to 8 courses carrying 40 credits (such as eight 5-unit courses) per semester. Otherwise, adult students can enroll part-time. Information about our Adult program is available here

Full-Time Registration

Students aged 18 or under are required by U.S. law to attend school full-time, which means taking courses representing at least 20 credits in a semester and earning 15 credits in that semester. So a student taking four courses of 5 credits each will take 20 credits, and that student will qualify as a full-time student if at least 3 courses are passed so that 15 credits are earned in the semester. A student that takes less than 20 credits or earns less than 15 credits will not qualify to register for the next semester as a full-time student with SVHS. The student can register as a part-time student, but this may not comply with the law if the student is not over the age of 18. 

If you are interested in registering for our Diploma Program, please contact us by using the Contact Diploma Program form, let us know you are interested in the Program. 

Graduation Eligibility

To be eligible to graduate and receive your diploma, you must have completed all the required courses

Graduation Process

Students will be assigned a grade level based on credit completion:

  • 9th grade 0-40 credits
  • 10th grade Minimum of 40 credits completed
  • 11th grade Minimum of 90 credits completed
  • 12th grade Minimum of 140 credits completed

A students’ progress towards graduation will be monitored by the student’s SVHS academic adviser. Students will have access to a “Progress Towards Graduation Report” with a suggested program of study. Students are welcome and encouraged to meet with the academic adviser throughout their enrollment at SVHS to monitor progress towards graduation and for post-high school planning purposes.

Upon completion of all required courses, the academic adviser will conduct a final transcript review which will be sent to the principal for graduation confirmation. Upon confirmation of graduation, students will be sent 1 copy of their official transcript and an SVHS diploma.