SVHS grants diplomas, like other private accredited high schools, provides academic advice and we help you navigate through the graduation process, but the high school experience is very different at SVHS.

1) Registration—$250 Fee

The registration process for full-time students starts with a review of a student’s transcript. If the student is a good candidate for an independent study program, we will invite you to register. The registration fee is $250. The student provides all the required information to SVHS. Much of this registration information is mandated by state and federal law, so it’s important that the information is provided to SVHS before the student is enrolled. SVHS provides a student information system for collection of the registration information. The registration process is quite time-consuming for our staff, hence the registration fee is non-refundable.

2) Enrollment Agreement

After the registration information has been submitted into the SVHS student information system, the student enters into an enrollment agreement with SVHS. If the student is under the age of majority, the agreement must be countersigned by the student’s parent or guardian. 

3) Tuition Fees—$1,500 for Each Semester

After you have registered, you can enroll in up to 8 courses a semester.  The tuition fee is $1,500 per semester. Your academic adviser will work with you to select courses and guide you through the program.

Plan with Academic Adviser

Your academic adviser will review the credits you have already, and help you select courses for enrollment in each of the upcoming academic semesters.

Enrollment Periods

You can register as a full-time student with SVHS at any time, from any school district, state or country. Registration is open online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, our fall semester starts August 15th and our spring semester starts January 15th each year, so to enroll as a full-time student for the fall semester, it is best to complete the enrollment process before August 15th, and if you are to enroll in the spring semester, it is best to complete it before January 15th. You can register after a semester has commenced.


When you believe you have completed sufficient credits to graduate, upon payment of a $300 graduation fee, you can petition to graduate. After your credits have been calculated and checked, you will receive a graduation diploma from Silicon Valley High School.  Congratulations!

University of California, A-G Approved Course List


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