Homeschooling in Nevada & Homeschool Laws


You may be considering homeschooling your children in Nevada, but don’t know where to start regarding Nevada homeschool laws. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to start homeschooling legally in Nevada. We’ll cover the history of Nevada homeschooling, Nevada homeschool laws, required filings, curriculum and testing choices, high school transcripts, extracurricular activities, graduation requirements, and accessing special education services.

History Of Homeschooling In West Nevada

The practice of homeschooling in Nevada dates back several decades. However, Nevada homeschooling experienced significant growth following the implementation of updated regulations in 1990.

Under these new regulations, to begin homeschooling in Nevada, families were required to comply with several key requirements. First, they were obligated to submit an annual notice of intent to the local school district. In addition to the annual notice of intent, families were also required to document their curriculum plans, outlining the educational materials they intended to use throughout the academic year.

Another important aspect of the 1990 regulations was the requirement to maintain attendance records to satisfy compulsory attendance laws. Families were expected to keep detailed logs of their children’s educational activities and the time spent on various required subjects for their Nevada homeschool.

To further ensure the quality of home-based education, the regulations mandated periodic, standardized testing. These assessments provided a means of measuring student achievement.

Finally, the 1990 regulations established a system of compliance audits, allowing the school district to review homeschooling programs and verify that Nevada homeschool families were meeting all legal requirements.

Current Nevada Homeschooling Laws And Regulations

Under Nevada homeschool laws, the state considers an approved homeschool in Nevada a private school. To qualify for exemption status, parents must submit an annual notice of intent to their local school district where the child resides or the Nevada Department of Education providing evidence of enrollment, including the educational plan, attendance policies, and assessment strategies.

No other home education-based assessments are submitted beyond the one time notice of intent and annual testing data. No credentials are required for parents to homeschool in Nevada.

How To Set Up A Homeschool In Nevada

Follow these key steps to establish a legitimate homeschool under Nevada homeschool laws:

  1. Submit a Private School Intent to Operate or No Change in Operation to the Nevada Department of Education or your local school district where the child resides before commencing a Nevada homeschool program.

  2. Concurrently, file an annual Notice of Intent through the local public school district your child resides in. This submitted affidavit serves to notify your residence of your Nevada homeschool.

  3. Develop a written curriculum plan mapping out learning objectives, subjects to be covered, and assessment methodologies to document progress.

  4. Maintain meticulous daily attendance records, retain portfolio samples of work, administer annual achievement exams, and have documentation available to validate compliance with regulations in the event of an audit.

  5. Follow up annually by August 15 to renew your notification affidavits and submit updated enrollment documentation or program changes to both state and local education agencies.

Maintaining Your Nevada Homeschool

Nevada homeschooling requirements include:

  1. Annual Private School Intent to Operate or No Changes notice updates to the Nevada Department of Education by August 15.

  2. A Notice of Intent to Homeschool in Nevada with the public school district where your child resides notifying them of your plans to home educate rather than attend public school.

  3. Up to date immunization records matching requirements for students attending physical schools.

Detailed student attendance logs, annual achievement testing results, and curricular plans mapped to grade-level sequence are not submitted routinely but must be retained internally for review if your Nevada homeschool undergoes a compliance audit.

West Virginia Homeschool Reporting Requirements

In addition to submitting the requisite annual affidavits to Nevada education agencies, Nevada homeschool laws require parents create Educational Plans detailing their Nevada homeschool curriculum.

Educational Plans should outline:

  • Learning objectives by subject tied to appropriate grade level.

  • Texts, modules, and resources to be utilized.

  • Timelines and schedule planned for covering topics.

  • Teaching methodologies to be employed.

  • Assessment techniques used to demonstrate adequate progress.

  • Documentation systems.

Even if not formally reviewed, documentation helps support compliance.


Nevada homeschool laws expressly mandate that home study programs furnish documented evidence of “satisfactory educational progress” for students annually. Parents have latitude in selecting reputable standardized tests like the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, Stanford 10 Assessment, California Achievement Test or other instruments that provide normed metrics across foundational subject areas.

While no strict passing thresholds are prescribed in Nevada homeschool regulations, documented achievement testing is mandatory. Retain testing administration results, score reports detailing performance, and trends per each child’s education.

Funding Your Nevada Homeschool

In Nevada, homeschooling is primarily funded by the families. While there may be some states that provide limited funding or resources for homeschoolers, Nevada primarily operates on a model where families take on the financial responsibility for their Nevada homeschooling.


Many families may be eligible for certain federal tax benefits to help offset educational expenses. One option is a Coverdell Education Savings Account, which allows money to grow tax-free when used for qualified education costs. Nevada homeschool parents might also be able to deduct a portion of mortgage interest or rent if part of the home is used regularly and exclusively for families homeschooling. Finally, tax credits or deductions could be available for required books, supplies, and equipment used for a homeschool curriculum. To learn more about these potential tax advantages, families should review the information and resources provided by the IRS.

Immunization Requirements In Nevada

While a Nevada homeschool independently determines academic programming, the law requires compliance with the immunization standards governing traditional public schools.

Parents submitting annual Nevada homeschool notification affidavits must furnish proof all enrolled students have received age-appropriate immunizations. Standard medical or religious exemptions are permitted when signed by a state-licensed physician or submitted affidavit.

Nevada State Graduation Requirements

As Nevada does not furnish diplomas, many parents find their own graduation criteria by age 18 providing satisfactory overall progress evidenced through transcripts and testing.

Nevada homeschool planning should structure high school level courses to sufficiently prepare students. College entrance expectations include at minimum:

  • 4 years of college-prep English.

  • 3+ years of mathematics.

  • 3+ years lab science.

  • 3+ years social science/history.

  • 2+ years of a foreign language.

  • Arts & humanities coursework.

Nevada Homeschool Charters

There are no accredited homeschool programs in Nevada. However, there are public charter schools that have homeschool options. Some examples of public charter schools operating in Nevada include:

1. Nevada Virtual Academy – This is a full-time online public charter school that serves students in grades K-12 across the state of Nevada. It provides a Nevada homeschooling option with curriculum, resources, and support for families.

2. Connections Academy – This is another online charter school with a Nevada campus that allows students to homeschool in Nevada under the guidance of certified teachers.

3. Inspire Charter Schools – This charter school system offers Nevada homeschooling programs and resources like curriculum, Nevada field trips, and enrichment activities for a homeschool in Nevada.

4. Pinecrest Academy of Nevada – This brick-and-mortar charter school based in Las Vegas has a homeschool in Nevada option for grades K-8.

These homeschool Nevada charter schools provide funded curriculum, technology, and oversight while allowing students to be educated primarily at home with parents acting as experiential learning coaches.

Local Nevada Homeschooling Resources

Nevada has several resources, including Nevada homeschool associations available for families interested in Nevada homeschooling. Here are some options:

1. Nevada Homeschool Network: This is a non-profit organization that provides support, resources, and information for Nevada homeschoolers. They offer workshops, field trips, and social events.

2. Nevada Homeschool Advisory Council: This organization provides guidance on Nevada homeschooling laws and regulations in Nevada, as well as resources and support for homeschoolers.

3. Local Nevada Homeschool Co-ops and Support Groups: Many cities and counties in Nevada have local homeschool associations, co-ops and support groups that organize activities, classes, field trips, and social events for a homeschool in Nevada.

4. Online Curriculum and Resources: There are numerous online curriculum providers and educational resources available for a homeschool in Nevada.

5. Public Libraries: Many public libraries in Nevada offer resources and programs specifically tailored for a homeschool in Nevada.

6. Educational Museums and Centers: Places like the Discovery Children’s Museum, the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum in Reno, and the Fleischmann Planetarium offer educational programs for a Nevada homeschool.

It’s recommended to explore these resources and connect with other Nevada homeschooling families in your local area to find the best fit for your family and child’s learning needs.

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