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As a high school homeschool parent, you take great pride and responsibility in educating your children. But as you may have learned, creating a robust high school homeschool curriculum across all subjects can be an enormous undertaking. This is where our online high school homeschool curriculum resources and credentialed teachers can help lighten your load.

With over 60 self-paced, video-based courses, we provide a complete online high school education your child or teen can access anytime, anywhere. Our engaging high school program covers core subjects like English, Math, Science, Art, Language Arts and Social Studies as well as electives like Money Math, Computers & I.T. and more.

Supported by understanding teachers who are homeschooling high school for their own children, SVHS has the program, tools and support to provide your child with quality courses and official transcripts that are recognized by universities and colleges.

Benefits for High School Students When Homeschooling

Our online homeschool high school curriculum can form a key component of your child’s education and provide you with:

  • Relief from curriculum planning and development.
  • Flexibility for your child’s education to proceed at it’s own pace, your own schedule.
  • Support from credentialed, experienced teachers.
  • Structured courses that meet state standards.
  • Accredited transcripts accepted by colleges/universities.
  • Affordable video-based, self-paced, teacher-supported individual courses at $125 each.
  • Affordable tutoring from credentialed teachers for homeschooled students.
  • No semester dates or deadlines to meet.
  • You set your own schedule to fit your family routine.
high school homeschool curriculum

Family-Friendly Online High School Curriculum


These video-based, teacher-supported courses allow high school students to learn at their own pace, revisiting challenging topics and accelerating their journey through subjects where they excel. There are no semester deadlines, or any other deadlines imposed by SVHS. One of the main benefits of homeschooling is the ability to customize learning to your child’s strengths and weaknesses. This self-directed approach to independent learning reinforces good study habits while preventing students from falling behind. With our online homeschool learning platform available 24/7, learning can take place whenever and wherever is convenient for your family.


As a homeschool parent looking for resources to prepare and deliver quality education, you take on the role of teacher, counselor, coach and more. Developing curriculum, planning lessons, grading work and tracking progress for homeschool credits can become a full-time job.

Even the most dedicated and qualified homeschool parent cannot realistically be an expert on every subject they need to teach their kids. Our online courses bridge that gap by connecting your children with credentialed teachers to grade assignments, provide feedback, and answer questions. This gives your child the benefit of an expert evaluating their work beyond just a parent’s perspective and teacher support.

Expert feedback not only enhances comprehension of the material but also builds critical thinking, writing, and communication skills essential for academic and career success. And with teachers available to respond to questions, students gain guidance, confidence and motivation to explore and push themselves further. Our courses provide homeschool learners with the best of both worlds – the one-on-one support of a parent-teacher and the expertise of professionals across diverse subjects.

We develop all courses to meet national standards, guide students through materials, offer individual feedback and assign final grades.


Life moves fast, often making it hard to homeschool your kids on a rigid schedule. Many parents appreciate our on-demand video-based format that allows flexibility to accommodate your family’s needs. Students can log in to their own online homeschooling program and review lecture videos, complete assignments and take tests at any time of day or night giving parents and families more independence.

Whether you want to start the school day early or need to fit coursework around sports and extracurriculars, our self-paced model gives you freedom over your homeschool timetable. Students can accelerate through subjects they excel at or take more time where they struggle without disrupting your entire curriculum plan.


Our online homeschool curriculum is flexible, allowing students to delve deeper into preferred subjects. One-on-one instruction also provides tailored support and guidance. Homeschooling further eliminates social pressures on the high schooler, enabling focus on academics over peer relations.

Additionally, homeschooling provides time for internships, volunteering, and job shadowing in future careers. By personalizing learning, homeschooling helps students cultivate relevant skills and knowledge for college and career preparations based on their individual goals and strengths making sure they are fully prepared for college.


Our credentialed, experienced teachers are available for tutoring online at affordable rates. Tutoring sessions are 30 minutes long and take place through the Zoom videoconferencing system.

Booking a session couldn’t be easier. You simply click on the calendar for the teacher and select a time slot.  Then you pay through PayPal (with credit card if you wish), and the a session is booked. If you want to buy multiple tutoring sessions, click here.


Our homeschool curriculum dashboards empower parents with real-time tracking of student progress, mastery of skills, and attendance so you can ensure your children are learning and meeting state requirements. Gone are the days of manually tracking progress across subjects and hoping your records will satisfy truancy officers.  Progress reports can also be exported and printed to compile the necessary documentation states often require on homeschool education. With our user-friendly dashboards managing the administrative and compliance data collection, homeschool parents can better focus on instruction and bonding with students. Let us streamline your required record-keeping while providing insights to support your child’s success.


Every time your student logs in and take online classes, the activity is logged into the student account. From your dashboard, you can drill down to see every action the student has taken, and when it was done. These detailed logs can be useful to track your high schooler when reporting study activity in your state during the high school years.


As the courses are video-based and self-paced, students can rewind and replay videos as many times as the need to master the course materials. They can take quizzes as many times as they need, and there are no deadlines on quizzes or assignments. So the flexibility of these online courses also make them highly suitable for students with IEP’s.

High School Students in Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 Can Take Our Online Classes

You can explore our online high school course catalog and purchase our homeschool high school courses to create and supplement your curriculum with core or elective courses. Or instead, you could create your own high school homeschool program. Please see “How this Works” below before enrolling a student in 8th grade or earlier.



As a homeschool parent, you may envision your teen or child attending college someday. Giving them a high school education that higher education institutions recognize and trust is key in that mission.

Our private online homeschool high school holds prestigious accreditations through both Cognia and WASC. Courses are approved by organizations such as the NCAA and University of California (A-G program). Courses are designed to satisfy state standards requirements. Our transcripts with course descriptions, grades, and credits are accepted by colleges and universities across the country. Our courses are used for high school credit rather than college credit.


To enroll your child and manage their progress, you likely have many questions about our online homeschool program, resources, and processes. That’s why our customer service team includes specialists dedicated to assisting homeschool families.

These specialists homeschool their own children, so they truly understand any concerns or uncertainties you may have. Their personal experience helps them guide you through enrollment, course selection, homeschool assessment, teacher communication, progress monitoring and more.


Enrollment is open 24×7, 365 days a year. Courses expire after 1 year, but they can be reopened upon parents request. Click here to learn how to enroll and register a student account.

How Our High School Homeschool Curriculum Works - Important

It would be useful to understand how homeschooling fits into the legal and regulatory landscape so please read this Guide to the US Legal Framework for Education. Before enrolling a middle school student, you need to be aware that most high schools, including public schools and private schools, will not accept credits earned while the student was enrolled in middle school or elementary school. When the student completes an SVHS course after leaving middle school, the transcripts and credits will usually be accepted by other schools.

High School Diploma From Your Homeschool

If you form your own homeschool and enroll your students on SVHS supplemental courses, SVHS is the school of record for these courses. SVHS will award the official transcript and you can merge that onto your own school transcript. Your own school then awards the high school diploma when the state requirements are met. 


Unless your student is enrolled in the SVHS Diploma Program, SVHS will not be the private school responsible for awarding high school students a high school diploma upon graduation. By default, when you enroll your student, your student is enrolled as a supplemental or credit recovery student at SVHS as a private accredited school.

A Fully Accredited High School Homeschool Curriculum


SVHS is a private online school accredited by both WASC and Cognia.

Where WASC is the most recognized body in the western states, Cognia is the largest community of education professionals in the world. Cognia is the trusted partner to 34,000 educational institutions—employing more than four million educators and enrolling more than 20 million students—across the United States and 70 other nations.

SVHS courses are approved by organizations such as the NCAA, Quality Matters and University of California (UC A-G)

  • Personalize education, providing courses and programs tailored to the learning pace, the interests and needs of each individual student.
  • Leverage the latest technologies to develop and deliver compelling online programs that students relate to.
  • Help prepare students for college and life beyond high school.


We adopt the following strategies in order to achieve our mission and objectives on our high school homeschool curriculum:

  • Provide your high school student with compelling accredited homeschool programs with content that is engaging and relevant differentiating our homeschool program from traditional objective based learning.
  • Provide students with interaction and support from credentialed and experienced teachers during high school years.
  • Enable students to move through a comprehensive curriculum and course materials at their own pace.
  • Create a comprehensive homeschool curriculum that provides students with a thorough grounding in the subject matter.
  • Encourage repetition such that students are able to replay videos, re-read readings and retake quizzes as many times as is necessary for them to master the material.
  • Deliver responsive customer service and support to students, their parents, counselors and educators.
  • Design homeschool high school courses that follow a simple step-by-step approach to navigation.
  • Constantly search for ways to improve our courses, our customer service and our overall efficiency.
  • Actively gather and analyze feedback from students, staff and the community at large.
  • Leverage online content and opensource platforms to improve effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Offer flexible and rewarding engagement arrangements to attract top quality teachers and support staff who are looking to work on the online learning space.
  • Pursue all accreditation in our online high school courses to cover all the student groups and markets where we operate.


Serving more than 50,000 students, Silicon Valley High School Inc. is incorporated as a Delaware corporation and qualified to operate from its headquarters in the state of Nevada. The school’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) number is A1900717 and is licensed by the Nevada Department of Education. Niche, ranks SVHS as one of the best online schools by offering one of the best and most solid online learning platforms and solid, homeschooling high school curriculum in America.