Announcing Price Increase from $95 to $125 per Course from March 1st, 2022 - Silicon Valley High School

Update March 13th, 2022: the price increase will be effective March 14th, 2022.

February 4th, 2022

As you’re likely aware, Silicon Valley High School courses are the most affordable in the market. That’s because we set out to slash the cost of quality online high school education. We’ve built our business model to be highly efficient by taking a high-tech approach to building a next-generation high school and course publisher.

However, due to recent substantial increases in costs, the price of all our courses will be set at $125 from March 1st, 2022. We will continue to offer the most affordable courses in future and look forward to providing unmatched customer service to all the students and educators we support.

Thank you.
David Smith, CEO