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I'm Sarah, your teacher for . Thank you for choosing to take my course.

I know that you will enjoy this English class. This class has high expectations and I have the confidence that you will be able to complete it with excellence! Since we are in the online environment, you will not get to see me on a regular basis, but I wanted to share a little bit about myself so that you can know me a just little bit better. I’m married and the proud mother of three girls and a boy! I love to travel, and I am a self-proclaimed Disney nut. My Bachelor's degree is in Business, and my Master's degree is in Education. I am also currently in a doctorate program with a focus on Educational Technology. I have two teaching credentials, Multiple Subject, and English. I have taught everything from K-3, Middle School English, and High School English, as well as Reading Intervention Classes. Reading is my passion and I hope that it will be shared with all of my students by the time they have finished my English classes. I encourage you to get ready to stretch your imaginations as we travel to many different places, times, and situations.

Before You Submit Your Question:

I'm happy to answer your questions, before contacting me check if the answers are provided in the list below. Click on the 'Chat' icon if you want to chat now with someone on the SVHS team.

  • Your final will only appear once you have completed all the quizzes and I have graded all your assignments.

  • When you submit an assignment, I get notified. I try to grade assignments by the next day, but sometimes it's not possible. At weekends and holidays, I generally don't grade assignments, so please be patient. I recommend you allow 2-3 days for an assignment to be graded.

I hope you enjoy the course and find it useful. When you finish the course, complete the course feedback form and let me know what you think. Many thanks!

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