Silicon Valley High School Online Curriculum is a division of our company that provides online courses for adoption by schools across California and the United States. 


Our Courses, Your Teachers

Like a textbook that you might adopt for your class, you can adopt courses from our curriculum of online courses. Schools that adopt our curriculum find that students tend to stick with the courses as they’re video-based, designed to operate totally online, and self-paced.  Click here to learn how our courses work

We Provide Grading Recommendations, Your Teachers Decide the Grades

When a student takes a quiz or a unit test, a practice final or a final, this is scored automatically by our learning management system. When the student submits an assignment, a score can be calculated by one of our graders who applies the relevant rubric to the assignment and essentially recommends a grade.  The grade earned by the student is ultimately set by your teacher.

Your Grades, Your Transcripts

When your school adopts our online curriculum, students are enrolled in your school and they are taking your classes with your teachers. Your school determines the grades and provides the transcripts.

Round-the-Clock Support

Our customer service team is available virtually around the clock to answer questions from your teachers as well as your students. Questions can be answered directly by our team when they relate to technical and administrative issues, but the questions can be relayed to credentialed teachers when they relate to the content of the course and questions regarding instruction can be relayed to your teachers.

The Foundation of a Blended Learning Platform for your School

Many people believe that the most effective educational methodologies of the future will combine online courses with traditional classroom instruction and tutoring. Our courses provide the curriculum and the gradebook.  Students can study at their own pace online, then meet with your teachers and other students to ask questions, discuss, debate and enhance their mastery of the materials. 

Monitor the Progress of your Students

Your teachers, counselors and nominated supervisors can be provided with access to the student’s online grade book to monitor progress.

Designed to Meet State Standards

All our courses are built to meet the relevant standards, and we show where each standard is met in the course materials. 

Certificate of Completion & Grade Book

Once the course has been completed by the student, we will provide the student and your school with a certificate of completion together with the gradebook, so your teachers can assign the final grade and your school can add this grade to your school’s transcript. 

For more information on how our courses can be adopted by your school, please visit our support page for educators


Course Information

Price: Single Semester Course—$125
Course  Syllabus: Available for each course
Enroll Anytime: First, create an SVHS account & check with your school to see if they will accept our courses


 = Courses A-G approved.
 = NCAA approved.
University of California: As an accredited school, SVHS is recognized as an Online School by the University of California under the A-G Program
NCAA Approval: SVHS coursework meets National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) nontraditional core-course legislation,

University of California, A-G Approved Course List