Algebra 1, Part 1 - Silicon Valley High School


Price: $125 | Credits: One Semester | Dept: Math | Course ID# 221-1

This course is designed to be the first semester of Algebra 1. Part 1 covers all of the concepts crucial to success in subsequent classes, including the foundations of Algebra, equations, inequalities, linear and non-linear functions, as wells as systems of equations and inequalities. The content from this course is seen on standardized tests like the SAT and the ACT. Algebra 1 is approved by the University of California A-G as mathematics (category C).

Upon completion of this course, the student is awarded 5 credits. Each credit corresponds to 15 hours of study. Of course, some students work more quickly than others, and some can devote more hours to study, so some students are able to complete the course in an accelerated rate.


In this module, students gain a comprehension of the following:

  • The basic foundational elements of algebra.
  • How to solve various types of equations.
  • How to graph, write, and solve inequalities.
  • The basics of functions, their relationships, and how to write them.
  • The functions of scatter plots and trend lines, as well as arithmetic sequences.
  • How to properly use and graph linear functions of various types
  • How to solve systems of equations and inequalities of diverse types.


This course covers the following topics:

  • Variables & Expressions
  • Adding and Subtracting Real Numbers
  • Multiplying and Dividing Real Numbers
  • Powers and Exponents
  • Roots and Irrational Numbers
  • Properties of Real Numbers
  • Simplifying Expressions
  • Solving One Step Equations
  • Solving Two Step Equations
  • Solving Multi- Step Equations
  • Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides
  • Solving Proportions
  • Solving Literal Equations for a variable
  • Solving Absolute-Value Equations
  • Graphing and Writing Inequalities
  • Solving Inequalities by Adding or Subtracting
  • Solving Inequalities by Multiplying or Dividing
  • Solving Two Step and Multi-Step Inequalities
  • Solving Inequalities with Variables on Both Sides
  • Solving Compound Inequalities
  • Solving Absolute-Values Inequalities
  • Relations and Functions
  • Writing Functions
  • Scatter Plots and Trend Lines
  • Arithmetic Sequence
  • Linear Equations and Functions
  • Using Intercepts
  • Slope
  • Direct Variation
  • Slope- Intercept Form
  • Point- Slope Form
  • Slopes of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
  • Solving Systems by Graphing
  • Solving Systems by Substitution
  • Solving Systems by Elimination
  • Solving Special Systems
  • Applying Systems
  • Solving Linear Inequalities
  • Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities
Algebra 1 Part 1 the First Semester of the Course for $125
Course Details:
• One Semester Credit: $125
• First Semester of Algebra 1