Money Math, Part 1 - Silicon Valley High School


Price: $125 | Credits: One Semester | Dept: Elective | Course ID# 273-1

Money Math is a course that is long overdue as it introduces students to the fundamental principles of money and money management, beginning with the concept of the time value of money. The course addresses different types of interest, and provides a wealth of information on banks, including how to effectively manage a bank account to minimize bank fees. Credit and debit cards are compared, highlighting the benefits and pitfalls of each. The importance of building good credit is covered with insights into how to build credit from scratch, and maintain a good credit score. Money Math is a critical course that all students need if they are to successfully navigate their financial future. Money Math is approved by the University of California A-G as an elective (category G).

Upon completion of this course, the student is awarded 5 credits. Each credit corresponds to 15 hours of study. Of course, some students work more quickly than others, and some can devote more hours to study, so some students are able to complete the course in an accelerated rate.


In this module, students gain a comprehension of the following:

  • The basic concept of money – the time value of money. How inflation and interest have an impact.
  • The basics of understanding interest rates: the difference between simple and compound interest, how interest is calculated, and amortization.
  • The different types of credit – revolving and installment credit.
  • The intricacies of “credit,” including how to build credit from scratch, understanding and maintaining a good credit score, and most importantly why a good credit score matters.
  • Understanding banks, and the different types of bank accounts. Managing a bank account, from opening an account to depositing and withdrawing funds, minimizing bank fees, online and mobile banking.
  • Major money pitfalls to avoid, including credit cards – when to use them and how to manage them. The differences between a debit card and a credit card.


This course covers the following topics:

  • Time Value of Money
  • Different Types of Interest
  • Banking and Bank Accounts
  • Building and Maintaining Good Credit
  • Credit Cards and Revolving Credit
Money Math Part 1 the First Semester of the Course for $125
Course Details:
• One Semester Credit: $125
• First Semester of Money Math
NCAA: No (NCAA only approves Core Courses)