Silicon Valley High School
Upgraded Courses, New Pricing
A Message from our CEO, David Smith

Scotts Valley: May 7th, 2017.

We started Silicon Valley High School with the mission of driving up the quality, relevance and accessibility of online high-school education while driving down the cost. Over the last year or so, we've enrolled hundreds of students and engaged with schools, teachers and counselors all over the country. We've listened carefully to the market and learned a lot.

Behind the scenes we've been busy taking what we've learned to help us improve our courses and the whole educational experience for our students. Our teams of teachers have been hard at work overhauling every course in time for summer school. As a result, you may have noticed that the catalog has changed. The upgraded courses provide more opportunities for student’s to receive feedback from our teachers on their assignments and overall progress. You'll find our new courses to be richer in content, more robust and more directly connected to our teaching staff.

We've been forced to reset our prices at $95 per course. However, if you check the market rates, I suspect you will find that SVHS is the only curriculum provider offering a quality teacher-supported high school course for anything close to this price. We will continue to curate the best materials published online and leverage the Internet to deliver the most valuable educational experience to our students at the most affordable price possible.

I hope you like our new courses and welcome your ideas and input--simply click the feedback button at the bottom of our website.

Thanks very much,

David Smith, Co-Founder & CEO

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