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How To Enroll
Sign Up and Start your Course in Minutes

Enrollment involves 3 simple steps:

1) Create your SVHS account here.
2) Select your course.
3) Pay for your course with Paypal.
Note: see instructions below if you wish to enroll with a purchase order number.

With the username and password you defined when creating your account, you can log in and access your course materials wherever you have an Internet connection.

1) Create Your SVHS Account
Click here to visit the page where you create your account. You will need to select a username, password, email address and some additional information.

2) Select Your Course
From the page you are presented with after login, simply click on your selected course.

3) Pay with Paypal
After selecting your course, select the button saying "Send Payment via Paypal":

That's it. You're now enrolled and have access to the course of your choice! We will follow up with you, providing further advice, tutoring and guidance.

Enrollment With Purchase Order ("P.O.")

If you are not paying for the course yourself and you have a purchase order from your school or institution, follow steps 1) and 2) above, then click here to request manual enrollment in the course. We will enroll you in the course as soon as possible, but it may take a little time to check the purchase order and complete the enrollment process.

Contact Us
If you have questions, or would like further information, contact our support team who will be happy to help you through the admissions process. Please contact us through the chat box that pops up at the bottom of the page or through the Contact Us page.

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